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Crusaders thump Wallytahs!
Crusaders thump Wallytahs!
(I witnessed a half of what can only be described as PERFECT rugby)
It has been my privilege to watch two "once in a lifetime" sporting occasions in the same city & stadium in the space of 2 months.

Firstly it was Nathan Astles' magnificent 222 against the English. A brilliant innings!

This achievement however has been matched! Saturday night at Jade I witnessed a half of what can only be described as PERFECT rugby - & that includes both codes.

The Crusaders where so utterly & completely dominant, it's hard to see the Warratahs ever recovering from the fearful thrashing they received. This may have also done mortal damage to Australian rugby confidence. Maybe this is the start of "payback"?

Being my first trip to the magnificent new west stand, I looked down in awe at the magnificent view of the ground (& the eastern suburbs of the city). I could not have been more impressed at this brilliant complex. Well worth the $40m it cost.

What can you say about individuals in this team? Everybody was incredible. They almost appeared super-human!!! I mean the Warratahs where the 2nd place team in the comp! In all facets of the game they where almost faultless. The standing ovation the Crusaders got at halftime (when leading 63 - 0) is testimony to that!

What the weekend did show was the inflated position both the Reds & Wallytahs had this season. Because of the poor form of 3 of the Jaapie sides, both these sides got wins they normally wouldn't get. The reality is both are middle of the table strugglers.

Of course this sets up a classic semi-final confrontation against the gutsy Highlanders! I think its a done deal that the Brumbies will easily deal to the Wallytahs in the other semi.

My condolences go out to Anton Oliver. Having also ruptured my achelles tendon recently, I wouldn't wish such an injury on anyone. It will be a long rehab for him. However I am sure the Highlanders & 'Lozza' Mains will mount the traditional tough Otago challenge!

Roll on the semi's!!!!

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