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EA Sports Rugby - the Super 12 patch released
EA Sports Rugby - the Super 12 patch released
(Guaranteed to put the fun back in R2001!)
That's right folks, the unofficial Super 12 patch for EA Sports' Rugby 2001 on PC has been released by none other than me.

When the game first hit the shelves I was disappointed to see that you could only play international matches. Rumours had been flying around that the Super 12 and Heineken Cup would be included in the package too, but it was not to be.

Well, since then various people have found ways to edit the files of the game such that it becomes possible to make the player's names, appearances, abilities, jersies and even the balls and goalposts look however you want them to. I am one of these people and AT LAST I have finished the 2002 SUPER 12 PATCH for Rugby 2001.

I know, I know, it's almost the end of the Super 12 season, but cripes I can tell you with all due modesty that the patch is fantastic. I didn't do all of it, a guy named Dom Oi made most of the jersies included and others have provided me with things like advice and the player editor... anyway, the point is that Rugbyheads has very kindly offered to host the patch so all you people with Rugby 2001, download this patch now!

It's about 6 megabytes in Winzip form with full instructions on how to use it. Any questions or comments can be pointed at me either on the message board or at my alternate e-mail address: perplex@priest.com

This patch is not dodgy and DEFINITELY WORKS. Remember to back up all of your files if you want to play internationals again, but other than that enjoy!

I will be making a tri-nations patch soon as well. Look out for it!

Download the Super12 2002 patch

Let us know what you think!

I'll be checking the accuracy of the patch thoroughly Nathan, just to make sure the that Crusaders are unbeatable!!!!
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