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Happy Birthday Toddy!
Happy Birthday Toddy!
(The ToddFather celebrates)

Ah, the General of Canterbury Rugby, Todd Blackadder celebrates his birthday today. And guess how old he is?


Yep that's right, the Toddfather is younger than he looks! (and younger than us dammit!)

Regulars at RugbyHeads will understand the affinity we have with the big guy but even we thought for sure that battle-scarred mug and those graying temples must have belonged to a man in his early 30's, but no he's still young fella!

Toddy made a comment that he felt that his exclusion from the All Black World Cup squad this year probably closed the door on his international career. We're not so sure. He still may have a chance at the AB's yet in the coming years with some of the current old guys (Brooke and Jones in particular) retiring after the World Cup.

We're not holding our breath, but it's nice to know there is a chance! (a bit like an AB-depleted Canterbury winning the NPC this year!)

So have a great one Toddy!

The Rugbyheads


Let us know what you think!

I feel so close to the big guy, he's a deadset legend!
Happy birthday Todd, enjoy a few quiet ones today .... and then get the boys focused on putting the Otago lads to the sword next weekend!

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