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Queensland Reds unveil unusual new strip.
Queensland Reds unveil unusual new strip.
(Err.... Nice one boys.)

The Queensland Reds in association with RugbyHeads are extremely proud to unveil their stunning new playing strip!

"The lads figured we needed something to perk us up a bit, what with having a bit of a slow start to Super12 and all", says young Josh Valentine.  "So some of the boys put it to management that we get a new strip.  We were stoked when they agreed."

The design is quite radical and has inspired the Reds to take the unusual step of venturing out onto ice to launch their new look.

Chris Latham is particularly rapt with the strip.  "I don't have to worry about making sure the socks are down any more."

RugbyHeads management think the boys look magnificent and that this is surely the start of a slippery slide for the well dressed ones.


Let us know what you think!

I'm picking the Reds could do well in their new kit. I can't imagine too many teams keen to tackle them now!
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