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Linux & the Palm

I have to admit I am a big Linux fan. Some would say mainly because I hate spending money! The trials & tribulations of being a tight arse I guess!

The range of Linux tools I use that have a Palm connection somewhere are expanding. The level of expertise that goes into the coding of these applications is truly impressive and is a credit to the large bunch of developers actively supporting PalmOS connectivity on Linux.

I currently have installed on my PC Ubuntu Linux using fluxbox as the desktop. It is the best desktop I have used bar none! The best sites (I believe) to find Palm related Linux apps are:

  1. Freshmeat
  2. SourceForge

PalmHeads recommend these free tools!

didcon A nice wee perl script that converts images stored either in a DiddleBug or Diddle .pdb into .bmp's on Linux. Use GIMP for further processing/additions!
didcon 320 A modification of the earlier didcon script that extracts bmp's our of a DiddleBugHR.pdg. Fantastic work!
Evolution An MS Outlook clone with synching ability (using Pilot-Link) with the Palm's built-in apps. I prefer J-Pilot & Mutt personally (just like I preferred Palm Desktop -> Eudora on Winblows).
J-Pilot What I love about the Linux community! This desktop PIM rivals & in my opinion kicks the arse of Palm Desktop on Winblows. Implemented the "plug-in", alarms and colour scheme philosophies well before Palm did for their Desktop. Also highlighting records that have not yet been synched yet.
J-Pilot-Plucker plugin A neat wee plug-in for J-Pilot that initiates the Python Plucker distiller based upon a .pluckerrc & home.html in you ~/.plucker directory. Simple but clever. Who needs AvantGo!!??
Little Brother Database The add on feature for Mutt that allows Mutt to use the Palm Address Book. Awesome!
Mutt This terminal based email app looks a bit daunting at first. But once your past the learning curve you realise just how slick it is! The Palm link comes in with the lbdb (Little Brother Database) which adds a query feature that can use the Palm Address Book.
Pilot-Link This set of utilities is what makes Palm -> Linux connectivity possible. Is included in most Linux distributions now by default. With the right kernel, USB synching is now possible! Works great with my Tungsten W.
pilot-mailsync A nice way to sync your email (whether traditional POP3 or local unix mbox or mh). Comes with a plug-in for J-Pilot that initiates the synch automatically.
Plucker Desktop The Desktop companion to Plucker on the Palm. Makes configuration of Plucker a breeze!
Sitescooper This brilliant perl script allows you to scoop websites to a required depth and outputs the content to a required format, be it Plucker, Palm DOC, even HTML! Great for producing Palm readable sites. The Portal Page on PalmHeads relies on it for content.
txt2pdbdoc A nice wee command line app that converts txt files to and from the standard Palm DOC file format
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